Small Press Company – ShaironPublishing – with current 3 unique books published, is offered for sale by owner and author, including copyrights and/or inventory. See ShaironPublishing website.

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Retiring owner offer this business (and other business, patents and inventions – see Shairon website).

It is absolutely relocatable business, easily.

The three books are:
a. Easy English For All – Basic Through Advanced – Worlds’ best English grammar book for all levels. 700 books in inventory.

b. CASINO BOOK: Beat ‘Em All Casino Winner THE BOOK – A new concept developed by the author;

c. Asthma Cure method book: AsthmaGone Book: AsthmaGone in 6 month

Below please find information about each book.

A. EASY ENGLISH BOOK: Easy English For All – Basic Through Advanced
English grammar – self-study & reference
World’s best ‘English grammar book for all level especially ESL.

Excellent for:
•6th graders to college students
•Students of ESL, ELL, ABE, EFL, ELT, GED
•A self-study book and reference (not a text book)
•A “school at home”

All inventories is also for sale.

B. CASINO BOOK: Beat ‘Em All Casino Winner

A new concept in gambling is presented in this book by the author of 17 professional books. He draws on 20 years of casino experience in developing this new approach and new concept in gambling.

The book, which is written in a new format, is one of the best gambling books available, if not the best one. It consists of easy to follow instructions, which show experienced or first time gamblers a new way to make their trip to the casino enjoyable. The new concept is based on playing only some games for pleasure, and playing one specific game to win. The instructions tell when to play, how to play, where to play, and how much money to bet, etc. Tsiyoni’s step by step guide to gambling proves there is a better way to win, a better way to play, and a better way to have fun.

The new format, consisting of 133 numbered sections, makes the referral from one section to another easy. It enables experienced gamblers to skip sections containing information they may already know.

C. ASTHMAGONE BOOK: AsthmaGone Book: AsthmaGone in 6 month
Get Rid Of Asthma And Bronchitis symptoms!
The book present a natural process developed by an expert physician who treated and cured hundreds of people from Asthma And Bronchitis – the world’s only way.
Tsiyoni’s book based on Dr. J. Koder’s brilliant process. World’s only & The Most Successful Method Which Cured 1000’s from Asthma, Bronchitis, Irritative Cough and coryza.

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PUBLISHING COMPANY, Small Press and/or Inventory & BOOK RIGHTS FOR SA – $36,000